Q - Why won't it let me submit an assignment? It keeps saying that I need permissions. 


A- It is likely because you have more than one browser open, and the other browser is logged in with your gmail account. If you run into this problem, exit out of your other browsers, open a new browser and in the top right hand corner click on the circle and check that chrome has you logged in as your school district account. If not switch accounts and try again. It would also be good to make sure when you are opening an assignment and it opens a new tab, check to make sure that it is not your gmail account.  

Also - try accessing google classroom through the website (google apps). 

Q - I'm not getting any of your e-mails?

A - You will be getting your e-mails sent directly to your school district e-mail unless you have changed it on the 'myclass' website. Instructions on how to change your email can be found here.  

Q - How can I find out when you have assigned a new assignment?

A - On google classroom you can adjust your notifications to send you e-mails when new assignments are created, new comments are made to your assignments, etc. To do this click on the icon in the top left hand corner which will open a side bar, click on settings and modify your notifications. This will (I believe) only e-mail your school district account. On your phone or iPad, you can download the google classroom app and receive notifications right to your device. 

Q - What if I am finding it hard to complete assignments/concentrate because I have other responsibilities during this time?

A - E-mail myself, and your other teachers and let us know. We want to help you an your family through this difficult time. We will be able to make modifications based on everyone's individual circumstances. Please reach out. 

Q - Will you have office hours?

A - Yes I will! I am going to start this week having two sets of office hours where you can pop in and say hi, or ask for clarifications of assignments/tech. I will likely use zoom, and will have a meeting code and password that I will post on GC for you to sign in with. Please note that if you are not using a name that I don't recognize, you will not be allowed to enter the meeting. 

Q - Will you be having virtual classes through zoom?

A - No, I will not. I will be creating videos of lessons for some of the topics, and will have office hours if you need help. This is to make sure that class is accessible for all. 

Q - Ahh! My assignment disappeared!?

A - You have likely clicked the little X on the assignment by mistake. To fix this you can select + Add or Create, then choose Google Drive and it should pop up as one of the documents from today. Select it, and you can go back to editing. Here is a link to view a video I made to explain how to do it. 

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