Assignments & Tasks

  • Assignment #1 - How to get organized with your e-learning
    • Read through the instructions on how to be a respectful online student​ and comment on the assignment thread
    • Open and complete assignment #1b: Organization - create a schedule/planner for yourself, and list out each class, the platform that the teacher will be using, and their e-mail. 
  • Physics Introduction Brainstorm
    • Answer the questions on the google doc about what you already know about Energy, 
    • Submit document through Google Classroom.
  • Class Discussion - What is energy?
    • Comment on the question feed. Respond to someone else's comment. ​
  • Energy & Systems Due April 20th 
    • Read PowerPoint and watch videos​
    • Complete Google Doc questions
  • Potential & Kinetic Energy - Due April 27th 
    • Read Powerpoint and watch videos​
    • Follow along with the equations as you go along
    • Try the questions on the final slide on your own
    • Take a picture of your work and submit as attachment
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