Assignments & Tasks

  • Assignment #1 - How to get organized with your e-learning
    • Read through the instructions on how to be a respectful online student​ and comment on the assignment thread
    • Open and complete assignment #1b: Organization - create a schedule/planner for yourself, and list out each class, the platform that the teacher will be using, and their e-mail. 
  • Bi-Weekly Food Labs 
    • You will choose a recipe, prepare it (cook, bake, chop, etc.) and share with someone in your household. 
    • Then you will complete the Google Classroom assignment doc by answering the questions. 
Due - April 20th, May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 15th
  • Final Exam - 
    • Part #1 Recipe Submission - You will choose a menu that you will make for your family. This will include: recipe(s), time plan, and grocery list. ​
    • Part #2 - After I have approved your recipe(s) you will make the meal for your family. You will be reflecting on how the cooking went, and what you would change in the future. In addition, everyone you cooked for will also have a short survey to complete. 
      • Recipe Submission DUE MAY 15th ​​
      • Part #2 - DUE MAY 29th 
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